After losing everything, a stubborn, wounded man motorcycles across the beautiful but barren West Texas landscape in search of perspective. A dream trip meant for two, alone.

Production Time Line

  • WEST OF LEONA began planning and pre-production in February 2016.
  • An Indiegogo campaign in November 2016 raised enough to start principal photography in West Texas.  Fifty percent of the film was self-financed and included contributions from AMFM Studios LLC and a superior equipment rental from MPS Studios. (Love those anamorphic lenses, thank you!)
  • Phase 1 of production ocurred in April 2017 in Marfa,  Texas and surrounding areas of Alpine and Fort Davis.
  • Phase 2 of production took place in Austin, TX in May 2017.
  • Post-production finalized in February 2018.
  • We are now in festival submission mode!



WEST OF LEONA was written and directed by Christopher James Thompson.

His vision encompasses the struggle to make sense of one’s self after a broken relationship and how hard it is to find your own identity.

Thematic Threads: WEST OF LEONA explores the human condition by showcasing an individual whose failure, mistakes, and despair precede a final moment of clarity.


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